The Firefighter and EMS provider are ascending the staircase of time as they depart from this world. They are running to their calling to do the job of serving our community with strength, determination and sacrifice as if going to war. The second before their life is consumed they reflect and turn to their loved ones to say their farewells for the last time. Hands are reaching out, touching.

The lower area represents our world of family and community occupied by the kneeling mother, supporting child and elderly man. There is room for the visitors to join and take part in the memorial. The upper stairs are raised up and separated from the lower area distinguishing the two worlds, rising above and ascending the staircase. The fire and rescue persons turn to reflect on their departing world.

The seven ascending steps represent the seven days of the week. Every day they go to work to serve and protect our lives while never knowing when that tragic day may come.

A keystone with the bronze bagpipe signifies the sounds of ceremony and the threshold of the spiritual world.

The Firefighter and EMS provider represent all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve and also all those who continue and have selflessly served our needs. The kneeling woman represents the mother left behind, shocked, surprised, passionately reaching out to her lost one to touch and say goodbye one last time. The child is consoling and supporting the mother. The elderly man is an old sage who shares knowledge of grief and purpose. As this is a continuing challenge we face, the mother stands for the present time in which we must deal with this sacrifice, the elderly man stands for the past wisdom and understanding of the ways all things fit together, and the child stands for the future and those who will come to show compassion, support and serve.

All figures are reaching out to touch, console, say goodbye and share their lost love. The sculpture represents our community showing gratitude while proudly honoring those who serve.

Artist Rodney Carroll
Baltimore, MD